Kelsea Eckert

Attorney at Eckert & Associates

As the lead attorney, Kelsea Eckert oversees all the downtime claims handled by Eckert & Associates, PA. She’s seen it all in her more than 30 years as a lawyer. She’s primarily worked in the transportation industry. Helping small businesses stand up to the big insurance companies makes the job meaningful for her. She’s a big believer in the value of small business and thinks they should receive the same treatment as the big guys.

Protect Your Business, Protect Your Pocketbook!

August 3rd, 2022 by Kelsea Eckert

By Kelsea Eckert, Attorney at Eckert & Associates In most states, trucks have just as many rights to collect downtime from at-fault parties as stationary businesses do. Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t understand this concept and think big trucks are similar to cars that can easily be rented. However, commercial equipment is often highly specialized and […]

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