Asset-Light Coverage and Compliance Expertise

Our priority is to assess and provide consultation for clients whose business structure includes an asset-light, independent contractor fleet program.

The Paladin Group can help you meet compliance requirements, insulate the motor carrier, properly insure independent contractors and prevent misclassification. Let us help your fleet become best-in-class!


Potential Penalties
Back Taxes (Plus Interest)
Insurance Premium Audits

Qualified and experienced professionals will assess the level of risk related to the program through our Independent Contractor Solutions assessment.

Our team will connect clients with experts in the independent contractor field. This will ensure compliance and proper insurance coverages for all involved.

The client’s contractor fleet program adjustments are made after collaborating with internal and external resources.

Fees and penalties can include any of the following:

  • $50 per W-2 form not filed
  • 40% of FICA taxes
  • Unpaid premiums
  • Overtime
  • 1.5% of unpaid wages by employer
  • Work-related expenses
  • Unpaid sick/vacation pay

There can be added liability for intentional misclassification, including criminal fines up to $1,000 per misclassified worker and prosecution with prison sentences up to one year.

The ICS Risk Evaluation Method

Our ICS risk evaluation provides an in-depth look at a company’s independent contractor operations with a special emphasis on the three C’s: Contracts, Compliance and Coverage. Evaluate your company’s risk and help protect its growth and drivers from the unexpected by taking our Independent Contractor (1099) Risk Analysis.

We Provide Collaborative and Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs

Our Independent Contractor Solutions (ICS) team of professionals can assess and provide strategies to resolve any identified gaps in your company’s coverage, contracts or compliance. Your partners in growth include ICS Director Jack Mann and Account Manager Natalie Becker.

Director of Independent Contractor Solutions


Transportation and Commercial Claims, Independent Contractor (1099) Model, Contractor Coverages, Project Management, Safety, Compliance, Litigation

Jack Mann leads The Paladin Group’s Independent Contractor Solutions (ICS). He has an experienced background collaborating directly with independent contractors, motor carriers and insurance markets as a partner and advocate. Jack has successfully assisted thousands of drivers and contractors in navigating the insurance and, at times, complex claims process.

His insurance brokerage and claims experience offered Jack an appreciation for and understanding of the transportation industry, the specialized markets and policies, and insight into the needs of drivers and trucking companies. As a result, Jack is passionate about providing clients with solutions to ensure compliance and appropriate coverages for the carriers and drivers.

Jack is also skilled in designing and managing workflow efficiencies which deliver automation and streamlined processes. He has earned his Transportation Risk Specialist (TRS) and Legal Principles Claim Specialist (LPCS) professional designations and was the recipient of the Employee of the Year award by one of the nation’s top 50 privately held insurance brokers prior to joining The Paladin Group.

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