Substance Abuse Testing

April 7, 2023 8:00 am

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The safety of our roads is a top priority for the transportation industry. There are over 3.5 million commercial drivers in the United States alone. It is crucial to take every measure possible to prevent accidents and protect the lives of those on the road. One way to do so is by substance abuse testing for
commercial drivers.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all commercial drivers to undergo drug and alcohol testing before they are hired, as well as randomly throughout their employment. The tests are designed to detect the use of illegal drugs and alcohol that can impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Some may argue that these tests are unnecessary but the reality is, they are critical for ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. Studies have shown that drug and alcohol use is a contributing factor in a significant number of commercial vehicle crashes.

Drug and alcohol testing serves as a deterrent for drivers who consider using substances while on the job. Knowing that they are subject to testing at any time can help prevent drivers from taking
unnecessary risks that could endanger themselves and others on the road. The testing process is straightforward and non-invasive. Drivers are asked to provide a urine sample and the results are
typically available within a few days. If a driver tests positive, they may be suspended from driving duties and required to complete a substance abuse treatment program before they can return to work.

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