Pre & Post-Trip Inspections: Windshield Defects

September 16, 2023 8:00 am

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Just because you have the ability doesn’t mean it’s advisable to operate with defects. While inspections hold significance, being proactive after an inspection is even more important. Once you identify a defect, it’s imperative to fill out a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) and refrain from operating until you possess a work order confirming its repair, with verification of the completed work.

This is an OOS order under 393.60 and the OOS criteria.

Each windshield shall be free of discoloration or damage in the area extending upward from the height of the top of the steering wheel (excluding a 51 mm (2 inch) border at the top of the windshield) and extending from a 25 mm (1 inch) border at each side of the windshield or windshield panel. Any crack that is not intersected by any other cracks. Any damaged area which can be covered by a disc 19 mm (3⁄4 inch) in diameter if not closer than 76 mm (3 inches) to any other similarly damaged area.

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