Overlooking Drivers Safety is Risky

January 19, 2024 8:00 am

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On average, fleets report a 20% crash rate per year:

On average, fleets experience on average a crash rate of 20% annually. The crash rate refers to the percentage of vehicles in a fleet involved in accidents within a given time frame. A higher crash rate can lead to increased expenses related to vehicle repairs, insurance cost, and potential legal liabilities.

Accident costs and out of service events represent one of the largest fleet expense categories:

The costs associated with accidents, including insurance, vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and downtime (out of service events), are highlighted as significant contributors to overall fleet expenses.

A focus on driver safety and building a safety culture can significantly reduce accident costs and liability risk:

The propose of a proactive approach to mitigating the impact of accidents on fleets. Prioritizing driver safety and fostering a safety culture within the organization, fleet managers can play a major role in reducing the frequency of accidents. Implementing safety training programs, adopting safety technologies, and promoting responsible driving behaviors contribute to lowering accident costs and minimizing liability risks associated with accidents.

This underscores the importance of addressing and managing the high crash rates in fleets by focusing on driver safety measures and cultivating a culture of safety within the organization. Doing so not only enhances drivers’ well-being but also directly impacts reducing accident-related expenses and any associated legal liabilities.

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