Distracted Driving

January 5, 2024 8:00 am

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Distracted driving is any activity diverting your attention from driving that poses a potential distraction. Engaging in actions such as sending text messages, talking on a cell phone, using a navigation system, or eating while driving exemplifies distracted driving. Some drivers may believe they can only consume meals while behind the wheel, oblivious to the associated hazards. Eating diverts your gaze from the road and requires one hand to leave the steering wheel. Strategically plan your routes to incorporate stops for meals without the need to eat and drive simultaneously or choose to pull over when eating. Commercial drivers utilizing mobile devices while driving is restricted to operating hands-free devices within their immediate reach, precluding the holding of a mobile device, or pressing multiple keys.

Rules – Use voice activated commands or one touch features to answer, or end calls. Utilize an earpiece or the speaker phone function on your mobile device.

Risks – Using a handheld device while operating a commercial motor vehicle carries the maximum severity for point violation on your driving record. Along with fines the odds of being involved in a crash or near crash is almost 25 times greater for CMV operators.

Penalties – If you are caught using a handheld device or texting while driving, one can receive a fine up to $2,750.00 and driver disqualification for multiple offenses. The motor carrier can also receive a penalty up to $11,000.00.

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