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Our industry-expert partners support our clients’ business needs beyond the policy. Leveraging these relationships allows for deployment of specialists dedicated to resolving or deploying solutions for specific client needs.


Wrecker Assistance

ICOA Review/Drafting

Telematics, Crash Avoidance Tech ELD’s

Subrogation (Company or Driver)

Wrecker Assistance

ICOA Review/Drafting

Telematics, Crash Avoidance Tech ELD’s

Subrogation (Company or Driver)

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The Paladin Group partners with top-notch industry experts to provide clients with a multitude of resources to grow, succeed and evolve in a rapidly changing environment. Times may change but our passion for helping businesses grow and remain protected has remained strong. Clients can feel confident knowing that The Paladin Group has their back, no matter the circumstances!

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President of Risk Management


Risk Management, Safety, Compliance, Litigation, Loss Prevention, Cargo, Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, Physical Damage and Subrogation

Christa has over 16 years of specialized transportation and commercial experience in Claims, Litigation, Safety, Risk Management and Compliance. Her valuable understanding of the insurance, legal and motor carrier sectors brings a unique and versatile perspective as President of Risk Management at The Paladin Group.

She excels at managing and mentoring teams to reach high level results. Christa provides and extensive experience in numerous lines of business with a focus in Operations, CX, and Project Management. She is highly skilled in leveraging technology, managing claims operations, developing process improvements and training, while achieving measurable cost-savings through a team-oriented approach.

Christa has been a leader on the front lines for successful trucking companies through consultation and partnership. Her extensive experience includes risk financing, complex insurance programs, litigation management, and claims administration. She strives to find innovative solutions to ensure successful resolutions that positively affect the bottom line for clients.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is a time when many people hit the road for trips and vacations. If you’re planning to operate a commercial motor vehicle during this holiday weekend, it is important to prioritize safety. Additionally, we want all drivers to increase their awareness of the risk of cargo theft during the holiday weekend. Past…

Pre and Post Trip Inspections

Are your drivers taking the time to complete their pre-trip and post-trip inspections? Most commercial vehicle operators are not making their pre-trip and post-trip inspections a priority which can pose a significant threat to safety. It is crucial for companies to ensure that their drivers and contractors prioritize this process to avoid disastrous consequences. Pre-trip…

Oral Fluid Testing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) filed a final rule that will allow oral fluid to be used as an authorized testing method for the presence of unlawful drugs. The rule will become effective June 1, 2023. Motor carriers need to be aware of the new rule and prepare for its implementation with oral fluid collectors…

Leading Cause of Accidents

Most all accidents have one thing in common, failure to look ahead when driving or failure to pay attention to the road. It is essential for commercial drivers to take proper safety precautions and follow traffic rules to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road. Here are the leading…

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a crucial aspect of the trucking industry. It not only helps reduce operational costs but also minimizes the environmental impact of commercial semi-trucks. Below are some of the latest advancements in fuel efficiency for commercial trucks and how they can benefit your business. Investing in aerodynamic upgrades to your trucks can greatly…

Interstate vs. Intrastate Commerce

It is important to be aware of the differences between interstate and intrastate commerce. The Department of Transportation (DOT) uses the terms to determine which regulations to apply to different transportation activities because the regulations vary between activities. Federal and state courts have dealt with the question of what differentiates interstate from intrastate commerce, especially…

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